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·ALXA SEE Ecological Association
  Associate Members: Associate Members have the rights to bring forward suggestions and comments on works of the Association, receive documents of the Association for free, attend related activities for members organized by the Association, and jointly sign to require the Association to make statement in writing about projects and finances; but does not have the rights of decision making, election, and voting.
  Council Members: Council Members may be transferred to Associate Members if annual donations in the coming years are less than 100,000 Yuan, and may be become Perpetual Council Members when their donations in aggregate are 1 million Yuan. Besides the same rights with those of Associate Members, Council Members also have the rights of decision making, election, and voting, and needs to burden obligations of participating in decision making, activities and donations of the Association.
  Perpetual Council Member: Perpetual Council Member enjoys the rights and burdens and obligations of Council Members for their life time.
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ALXA Declaration
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ALXA SEE Ecological Association
Directory of SEE Members
·Zhaosutaolegai Said to Me…
In September, 2004, I was honored to, as a volunteer of ALXA SEE Ecological Association, have the opportunity to visit Azuo Banner, ALXA Meng......more
·A Day in Pastoral Area
Today is the first for house-visit, and I have visited several families. I learned much when I chatted with Lao FU (aged FU) in FU Guangnian’s house. more