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·ALXA SEE Ecological Association Articles
  Article 1 Name:The Chinese name of this Association is “阿拉善SEE生态协会” (“Association”); The English name of this Association is “ALXA SEE Ecological Association”, which is abbreviated as “SEE”.
  Article 2 Purposes: Improve and restore ecological environment in ALXA area, realize reduced frequency of sandstorm or control of sandstorms; promote China’s enterprises to undertake more ecological and social responsibilities.
  Article 3 Mission: On the basis of sandstorms treatment in ALXA area, provide support to local projects that are helpful to environmental protection and ecological restoration; promote the public welfare mode of the Association in wider scope if successes have been achieved.
  Article 4 Property: The Association is a non-profit league organization for public welfare environmental protection. According to “Regulations for Management of League Organization Registration” of the State Council and approved by civil administration of ALXA government, it is founded to operate in accordance with the Constitution, laws and regulations of China.
  Article 5 Address: Jilantailu 7#, North Street, Wulanbuhe, ALXA, Inner Mongolia. The Association has an office in Beijing at: China International Science and Technology Convention Center (CISTCC), Section A, F22, Building 3, Beisanhuanxi Road 48#
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·ALXA SEE Ecological Association Articles 2005-7-6
ALXA Declaration
SEE’s Invitation for Enrollment
ALXA SEE Ecological Association
Directory of SEE Members
·Zhaosutaolegai Said to Me…
In September, 2004, I was honored to, as a volunteer of ALXA SEE Ecological Association, have the opportunity to visit Azuo Banner, ALXA Meng......more
·A Day in Pastoral Area
Today is the first for house-visit, and I have visited several families. I learned much when I chatted with Lao FU (aged FU) in FU Guangnian’s house. more