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  Why did our entrepreneurs come to ALXA Desert from all around China? Why did we found this organization of ALXA SEE Ecological Association for the treatment of sandstorms in China? It’s because we have hopes and dreams in our minds. We hope China’s economy will be more and more developed; we hope China’s people will be more and more affluent; we hope people will be more friendly and kind to each other; we hope China’s mountains will be greener and water will be cleaner; we hope China will enjoy a boom; we hope people in the world will live in a beautiful global village; and we hope for a world of Great Harmony, where everybody has the opportunities to realize their dreams.

  With its modernization process, China has walked on a path of peaceful development, China’s economy has enjoyed sustained growth, China’s people have enjoyed stable improvement in their quality of life, China’s society has enjoyed all-round progress, and the Chinese nation has grown into a completely new development period. Looking back at the suffering history of over one hundred years of the Chinese nation, we cannot help our feelings of pride, we really cherish the rare chance of free innovation and peaceful development provided to us by history, and we are willing, based on a constructive attitude, to reasonably deal with difficulties and problems in front of us, and settle them gradually during our development.

  We have already realized that, along with the sustainable rapid growth of China’s economy, our environmentally unfriendly ways, production manners and living manners have increasingly destroyed the natural environment, on which we rely greatly. Many of our economic achievements in the past have been realized at the giant cost of environmental disruption. Air and water pollution, dried rivers and lakes, frequent flooding and drought, forest area reduction, pasture degradation, weakened biological diversity, land desertification, and sandstorms—all these problems have impacted safety of life and property of people. They have also impacted the environment for our enterprises, impacted social stability, and impacted the living basis of the Chinese nation. The natural environment supports human beings. If the natural environment is thoroughly destroyed by us, our dreams and pursuits will lose their support. At this time of increasing deterioration of the environment, we cannot help but ask ourselves a question: what can I do to improve the environment?

  China is characterized by a large population, few resources, limited environment capacity, and a relatively low-level of scientific accumulation in its enterprises. The modernization process of China will continuously be under the heavy pressure of environmental resources. The dual stresses from economy and ecology requires our entrepreneurs to consciously take into consideration both economical growth and environmental protection, and to try hard to explore a new modernization approach for China. In this new age with these new problems and responsibilities, we are required to continuously conquer ourselves, and cultivate new values, ideals, personalities, and behavior standards for ourselves.

  Based on such consciousness and consensus, we, the entrepreneurs from various fields, industries and ownership systems, voluntarily gathered here in ALXA Desert to sign this Declaration of ALXA. We will try everything possible to make ALXA SEE Ecological Association recognized by China’s society and the world, and make it the most important environmental public institution in China for treatment of sandstorms. We are willing to honestly strive for hopes and dreams advocated in this Declaration.

  All Sponsors of ALXA SEE Ecological Association

  Beside Moon Lake, Tengger Desert

ALXA Declaration
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