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An Overall Investigation in ALXA Area by Experts

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The Association has organized experts to make an overall investigation in ALXA area— road map for investigation shall be provided here.

  From October 10, to October 21, 2004, an investigation group comprising the four members of CAO Jinqing (Professor, Department of Sociology, ECUST), YU Changqing (Advisory Expert, China Protected Area Project, Global Environment Facility in China, World Bank), DA Lintai (Professor, ALAXA Meng Forestry Institute, Inner Mongolian Grassland Ecology, Economy & Culture Research Center) and Wuyun Batu (Scholar, Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences), organized by HAO Bing (Vice Secretary General of the Association), made an investigation for ten days about ecological treatment condition in ALXA area. And after the investigation, the four experts submitted their reports on the investigation and their recommendations about development strategy of the Association in future.

  Investigation Contents:

  1. Government’s Helan Mountain Tianbao Migrant Project

  2. Government’s Aerial Seeding

  3. Energy Substitute, Haloxylon Woods Enclosing Protection and Water Resource Saving Projects of Australian Aid Office in ALXA

  4. Vegetable Greenhouse Project of the Association as an Aid Helan Mountain Tianbao Migrant

  5. Meeting with Persons from ALXA Government

  6. Euphrate poplar forests, Juyan (Juire) Lake in Ejina Qi

  7. The Dark Castle, the Strange Woods in Ejina Qi

  For the development strategy in future, Professor CAO Jinqing has the recommendations:

  The short term strategic goal of the Association shall be based on the man-made factors that directly affect the ecological changes in the area, such as over-farming and overgrazing, so as the thoroughly liberated the populations concerning over-farming and overgrazing through human resources trainings. Building the Association as an “Ecological School”, where the training is closely connected with jobs, which is very attractive to young generation of the herdsmen in ALXA.

  For the development strategy in future, Ph. D YU Changqing has the recommendations:

  To be frank, ALXA Ecological Association has its expertise strong in terms of enterprise but relatively weak in terms of ecology. Only through enhancing the capability construction and system construction of ecology, could the Association be worthy of the name.

  Make full plan and investigation, determine the targets and project framework and find the prior field and area for projects in future.

  For the development strategy in future, Professor DA Lintai has the recommendations:

  The project of the Association shall be based on whether it can satisfy the demands from ecology, local people and government.

  ALXA Mutton Culture: Gobi Goat is an endangered species, whose propagation shall be promoted. Natural stock-raising will be even more competitive after entering WTO.

  For the development strategy in future, Professor Wuyun Batu has the recommendations:

  In Inner Mongolian Plateau, a special triune ecological and cultural system of “herdsmen, livestock, and meadow” has been formed, which can properly protect the dry steppe in north of China. The Association shall focus on resuming of this original ecological system in ALXA area through implementation of projects. From this view, the successful operation of the Association will set up a model in the 33 husbandry banners of Inner Mongolia, which is extreme meaningful.

  Just as we know, ecological protection that has neither participation of ordinary people nor the benefits of market will be lifeless. Therefore, it’s necessary to construct a base, build a platform, and establish a brand, so as to transfer the quantity husbandry into brand husbandry, realize a win-win scenario of both ecological benefit and economic benefit, and finally protect the ecology environment in ALXA area.

  For the investigation this time, YANG Ping (Secretary General of Association) and HAO Bing (Vice Secretary General of Association) concluded that the objective of overall evaluation of ecological environment in ALXA was preliminarily realized, which was stimulating for preparation of strategies of the Association; and the Association would earnestly take ideas and recommendations of experts, and on the premise of further investigations, define the strategic orientation and determine the strategy implementation procedure, so that new prospect could be foreseen for ecological projects of the Association in ALXA.

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