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- Improve the Sustainability of Alax Ecological Migrants
- Nature Protection and Community Development Project
- The Cooperation of SEE and Italy Government on Project of Sand Dustsorm Control
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Project Area—Determining the Project

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  On August 26, 2004, the 12 herdsmen representatives of Zhaosutaolegai Village prepared the detailed project implementation plan on the basis of local natural and ecological conditions, which were suitable for the villagers.

ALXA Declaration
SEE’s Invitation for Enrollment
ALXA SEE Ecological Association
Directory of SEE Members
·Zhaosutaolegai Said to Me…
In September, 2004, I was honored to, as a volunteer of ALXA SEE Ecological Association, have the opportunity to visit Azuo Banner, ALXA Meng......more
·A Day in Pastoral Area
Today is the first for house-visit, and I have visited several families. I learned much when I chatted with Lao FU (aged FU) in FU Guangnian’s house. more