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http://www.sina.com.cn 2005/06/30 15:30 

  Liu Xiaoguang: president of Beijing Capital Group

  ● We want to contribute money, but first we don’t know who we should contribute to, second we don’t trust some people.

  ● Is it possible for our business circles to make some contributions to the control of desert of China, especially Beijing? By doing so, we display new ideals, new human ideals. Desert environmental control is not only an issue of the Chinese nation, but also an issue of the whole humankind and a difficult yet meaningful undertaking.

  We’ve set up an ecological public service fund with the seed money of 200 million Yuan, and the project not only can be done in Alxa but also the other areas.

  Money injected must be managed in a clean and highly efficient manner. Three problems are involved here. First, the foundation must be very regular; second, the management must be very normal; and third, the information of operation should be announced constantly, and it must be very transparent. There are not any selfish ideas and personal considerations, and there are not any interests of enterprises, and it is only for public service. We will invite the world-class accounting firm to check our accounts.

  Mu Jun: president of Hong Kong Jialilai Co., Ltd.

  ●Over 99% of the people don’t t know the difference between so-called public service and charity.

  ●Public service and charity are similar in some way, that is both of them do the good deeds. But in fact they are greatly different. Charity can only resolve the temporary problems, but public service can resolve the radical ones; Charity provides fish, but public service offers fishnet. For example, there is a beggar outside, the charitable person may give him a meal, but the public service tries to create employment opportunity for him, so that he no longer needs to beg from then on. There is a saying in China “to help people in urgent need but not in poor”. The charity is to help people in urgent need, but the public service is to rescue the poor completely. The charity is easy to do, I think anyone can do it if there is mercy, but public service is more difficult, at least not anyone can do it well. Only those with noble quality and professional skills are competent. It is more difficult to offer employment opportunity than foods, especially for great many people.

  ●The plan should be one model project, to show how to do modern public service.

  ●The model project does not lie in the scale, it should survive. 30 million Yuan has a way of surviving, 300 million has another, in a word it should be operated in a positive cycle.

  ●The public service fund must introduce competent entrepreneurs’ expertise, which are involved in modern public service but not in traditional charity.

  ●Public service is a pillar of the social progress of U.S today. Depending on three main kinds of strength, U.S society can become as perfect as today: first, spontaneous improvement desire of government; second, public critique, or rather, supervision by public opinion which means the supervision of everyone; third, the function of great foundation.

  ●If we want to do a thing well, we must have enough knowledge first, and can't do at will.

  Zhang Shuxin: President of Genesis Capital Co., Ltd

  ●This is tough work. Perhaps the result will come out in 100 years, but I am not certain whether I will be sitting here next year, and whether there will be more participants or less, and whether it will become a random gathering of excited people on Saturday mornings, but turn out to be a historical event without even a drop of spray.

  ●I hope it still exists ten years later.

  Jiao Jialiang: president of Yunnan Panlong Yunhai medicine Limited Company Group

  ●With a usual mind, we’ve come to do this sacred thing passionately.

  ●This undertaking includes two kinds of health, one is the health of the earth, and the other is the human health. The human health is divided into physical health and mental health. The project includes both of the two kinds of health, to safeguard the health of the earth by controlling deserts.

  Song Jun: President of Beijing Co., Ltd.

  ●Through more than 100 years of exploration and efforts, the West has developed some very successful modes about how to operate a fund and how to manage a nonprofit organization. Therefore, it is a wise idea for us to borrow all about fund management and operation from the West, and combine them with Chinese characteristics in our operation and implementation.

  ●All capital sources of our projects are provided in our website, where anything of public concerns can be found. So on the premise of lacking credit in China, the whole operation will be open, just, scientific, transparent, and become a good starting point of true credit.

  (Excerpted from the minutes of each meeting)

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