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A Summary on the First Session of SEE Council Meeting

http://www.sina.com.cn 2005/06/29 17:18 

  On the night of June 4 and the morning of June 5, the charter members of Alxa SEE ecological association went through a memorable moment they would never forget in their whole life. The enthusiasm and the pursuit of democracy changed the original track of the meeting several times, and finally reached the goal of democratizationand formalization.

  First, all members actively participated in the fierce discussion about the "rules", or rather, a swordplay where each aired his own views, which fully reflected the democracy of the meeting.

  Second, the selection procedure turned from single-candidate election into a competitive election.

  During the period of initiation, the preparatory group once sent out forms to solicit the charter members three times for candidates of the management organization, but for various reasons, this task failed to finish. In order to prepare for the inaugural meeting, the preparatory group drafted out and submitted to the meeting a list of candidates for Executive Council and a list of candidates for Supervisory Committee.

  According to the selection procedure, a voter may tick off each name of candidates he/she agrees with, and give those he/she doesn’t a cross and then fill out the recommended candidates.

  This method was confirmed after discussion for several times by the preparatory group, because it was easier to operate. But this method immediately suffered the query of the charter members participating in the conference. A lot of charter members thought that the preparatory group leant about the situation and could recommend its own candidates, but it should not deprive the right of recommendation of the others, and the competitive election should not be replaced with the single-candidate election either, otherwise it was unable to reflect the basic principles of democracy and participation.

  After discussion and voting, most charter members agreed that the preparatory group had the right to recommend candidates, but the candidates should be added by charter members themselves with each round table as the unit. Finally, besides the 20 candidates recommended by the preparatory group, there would be 10 additional candidates, among whom 8 were candidates of Executive Council and 2 were candidates of Supervisory Committee. All candidates should be subject to final confirmation by means of competitive election.

  Third, the election results proved that the entrepreneurs' democracy was feasible.

  On the morning of June 5, electoral procedure of the meeting began, Liu Xiaoguang, the group leader of the preparatory group announced the statistics on the same day and the election qualification. Up to the dawn on June 5, 102 entrepreneurs had already promised the affiliation to the association, and the standards of promise were: first, the application form of affiliation had already been filled out; second, money had been paid; third, according to the promise, the funds should be provided before July 5, 2004; fourth, if the funds were not provided within the time limit, the qualification of director would be cancelled automatically; fifth, If the above 102 enterprise all fulfilled the promise, the number of charter members would be modified from 100 to 102 in the "rules".

  The host Zhang Shuxin announced that the scrutineer Hu Baosen and Zhao Min, and the teller Miao Hongbing, and declared that the affiliation entrepreneurs were 102, 67 of whom attended the meeting, accounting for 2/3 of the total, meaning that the election was valid.

  Before the election, every candidate made a brief speech again to show his/her attitudes and introduce his/her own ideas. And among them 2 members gave up the candidate qualification voluntarily. Zhang Xingsheng of Yaxin technology company demanded a transfer of his candidate qualification to Ding Jian, the president of Yaxin technology company who had more time and energy to participate in the work of the association.

  After several round of ticket statistics and ticket telling, those selected as Executive Council members were: Li Mouwei, Dai Zhikang, Jiao Jialiang, Liu Xiaoguang, Zhang Shuxin, Wang Yan, Wang Shi, Song Jun, Liu Chuanzhi, Han Jiahuan, Gao Wenyu, Shi Yuzhu, Feng Kunlun, Wang Qinghai, Ding Jian.

  And those selected as Supervisory Committee members were: Ma Weihua, Zhang Chaoyang, Lu Zhengxin, Lin Rongqiang, Chen Dongsheng.

  After the announcement of election results, the elected Executive Council members and Supervisory Committee members held meetings respectively to elect the president: Liu Xiaoguang; the vice president: Wang Shi, Zhang Shuxin, Han Jiahuan, Song Jun, Gao Wenyu; the chief supervisor: Ma Weihua; and the general secretary: Yang Ping.

  As to this election, the speech of Wang Weijia, the president of Mtone Wireless who lost the election, was quite representative. "Though I lost the election, I am as glad as the elect. Within only several hours from last night to now, we’ve actually obtained such satisfactory election results out of a chaos of procedures. It proves that our entrepreneurs have very strong democratic consciousness. I have failed to be elected, but I have participated in, let us applaud for the future success of the association."

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