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  My most distinguished :

  This letter is specially sent to invite your kind participation in the cause of sandstorm control.

  On Jun.5, 2004, 80 entrepreneurs from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong gathered in Alxa League of Inner Mongolia, and initiated the establishment of “Alxa SEE Ecological Association (SEE)”. SEE’s tenet is to bring sandstorms under control, improve local ecology, and meanwhile urge Chinese entrepreneur stratum to shoulder more ecological responsibility and social responsibility.

  In Mainland China, Alxa is a major source area of sandstorms not only affecting Beijing, but also jeopardizing Japan and Korea. Of the 9 large-scale sandstorms since 2000, 8 found their source in Alxa.

  In consideration of ecological responsibility, 80 entrepreneurs voluntarily got together and established an association named SEE. This is an unprecedented heroic undertaking in China by entrepreneurs who take the initiative to shoulder ecological responsibility. Therefore, they have a solemn sense of historical responsibility from the very beginning.

  After establishment, SEE has organized professional work teams, perfected the Articles of Association,defined development strategies, carried out ecological projects, set up an “SEE Forum” and commenced promoting large-scale international cooperation.

  Strategic goals of SEE:

  1.Develop the organization into a most influential ecological protection organization in Asia-Pacific region in 5—7 years.

  2.Construct in Mainland China a club of elites composed of entrepreneurs for the purposes of environmental protection and thought exchange.

  The cause undertaken by SEE is definitely not only the business of the 80 entrepreneurs, but also of the whole entrepreneur group throughout China. Therefore, I cordially invite you to join us in our association and our cause.

  In my eyes, you are a responsible entrepreneur. I sincerely hope that you can identify with our idea and join us as a member, to make concerted contributions to environmental protection in China.

  Yours sincerely

  Chairman of Alxa SEE Ecological Association:

  Dec.15, 2004


  1.Brochure 《SEE责任与梦想》(SEE Responsibility and Dream)

  2.DVD 《民主的实践——阿拉善SEE生态协会成立纪实》(Democratic Practice——On-the-spot Record of the Establishment of Alxa SEE Ecological Association)

  3.Journal 《SEE通讯》(SEE Communication), No. 7

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